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Alien Bees Club
- Animated Teaser Trailer

Keeping with the theme of yellow here... Bees! With an open brief and some enthusiasm for humour, this project was a lot of fun for both parties to work on.

We were commissioned by the first of its kind, sustainable NFT project to produce an animated teaser trailer for their next drop. 


With the character designs already in place from the client, we were given free reign over the backgrounds, taking inspiration from the concepts they had previously designed. We were pointed in the direction of Netflix series 'Inside Job' as well as Adult Swim's 'Rick and Morty'. 


There were areas of the animation where the style we were looking for couldn't be achieved by motion graphics. We put our thinking caps on and created a hybrid of frame by frame animation and motion graphic animation which you may be able to spot glimpses of throughout the teaser trailer.

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