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Hedgerow Highway
- Informative Animated Story

Hedgehog animated Motorbike

Commissioned by Surrey Wildlife Trust, Hedgerow Highways follows the story of a small group of animals that have their lives put on hold when their highway is cut in two. 


A traditional, hand drawn film for a nature organisation, this film is Cut the Mustard doing what we know best. Full of textured backgrounds, animal characters and an orchestral original piece of music, this film holds a dear place in our hearts.

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We had real fun designing the cars for the various animals. What would a mouse or a frog or a hedgehog drive? Plus, there’s some really fun opportunities for background gags and puns, which we’ve never missed an opportunity to sneak into a film.


A whole lot of pre-production went into this project. It took many iterations to find the perfect middleground between a highway and a hedgerow - the scenery couldn't be too far removed from the nature itself in the first part. It was a lot of back and forth between us and SWT to find the sweet spot!

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