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48-hour animation lock-in 2! - Jan 20/21st

Hello all!

You may remember at the end of last year we announced we were creating an animated short film in 48 hours, and heading into 2023 we're doing the same again.

Last year El directed for the team and we created Little Monkey in a big monkey world, a rather odd (and hopefully endering) film about a range of topics, and including 90s aestetics, soap operas, and, well, monkeys. A number of guests, friends and family were invited along to help out with the project, drawing their own elements for the films (regardless of artististic skill) and hang out with us during the race to finish the film. We made something really cool, and you can watch it here.

We'll be running another 48-hour animation-a-thon (or as we call it, a lock-in) on the 20th and 21st of Jan, just over a weekend away. We'll once again create an animation (from scratch) beginning-to-end, so wish us luck and keep an eye out for our social posts across the weekend!

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