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Access Creative College Roundtable

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

This week, we were at Access Creative College in the city, for a unique event, and one we were lucky to take part in.

We've been working with a local college to help set up their animation course at a roundtable, full of other animators in the area, including our local friends from Studio Goblin and Immersive VFX. It was a great event to be part of, and let us really go wild with our predictions for the animation industry, our thoughts on the industry as a whole, and to have us reflect on our own educations on what we liked and didn't.

It was an important event for us, for Norwich is a very small and insular city, and we are on the verge of potentially expanding, so these future students might be our eventual co-workers. Making sure the next generation of students are learning the right skills and learning good lessons is very important to us, especially since COVID has made vocational learning harder.

It was a privilege to have our point of views taken into account to shape the next generation of animators. Cut the Mustard has always prided ourselves in working in the community and interacting with other creatives across Norwich. Thanks for having us Access, we look forward to meeting the next generation of animators next year!

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