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Watch our 48-hour film here!

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Thanks to all those who sent us messages, tuned in to our Instagram updates and watched the final film last week. For those who don't know, Cut the Mustard hosted a 48-hour ani-thon, where we made a short film from Friday at 10am and finished all the way through on Sunday morning.

After blood, sweat, tears and pizza, we completed the film with two hours to spare. The following is called 'Little monkey in a big monkey world'. As a member of the team who hasn't directed yet, this was El's debut, and she did a great job pitching her idea, directing the team and seeing the film through to the end.

Little monkey in a big monkey world is a story about a little marmoset living in a world where he's very small. Dressing as a larger ape to fit in as an arrow spinner, he soon finds himself transported to the human world where a new adventure ensues....

The film is completely bonkers, as you can likely see from the finished product. El's director requests included 'the 90s', 'soap operas' and 'monkeys', which all combined into this fever dream of a project that is simultaneously both funny and heart-breaking. You can watch the film below.

Reactions to finishing

  • "Oo Oo Ah Ah!" - El

  • "*Cough* help *wheeze* the monkeys have us at ransom" - Amy

  • "I keep hearing Monkey noises in my everyday life" - Liam

  • "I can't tell if I'm hungry or my tummy hurts" - Fin

Joining us on the adventure was friends and family - who drew their own monkeys to populate our film. Thanks to everyone who came down, whether to hang out or contribute! We enjoyed your company and contributions, especially from those who are not naturally artists.

Right now you'll only be able to watch the film on this blog or our Instagram (where you'll also be able to see a compilation of our progress throughout the 48 hours. We plan to tidy up the film a little and put it on the website proper, but for now, here's the version we put together.

Also, just for fun, here's the whole time lapse condensed into a four-minute run-through of our guests, progress and slow descent into madness. We really enjoyed working on it, and it's sure not to be the only lock in we do, so keep in the loop for further updates.


Special thanks to -

Michael Chapman, Jake Taylor, Joe Prendergast, Taylor Mitchell, Benjamin Larkworthy, Nic Gordon, Ross Linder, Hector Mulholland, Ollie Kremer and Kay Riches.

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