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Headless Population - Premiering Sunday on BBC 4

Get Animated! BBC Introducing Arts
Headless Population BBC 4

Huge announcement! Our short film, Headless Population, will be showing on BBC FOUR this Sunday, 26th April. This is hugely exciting news, and something we've been very excited to share with you for the last few months.

Now we can finally talk about it, Headless Population was funded and created through BBC's New Creative's scheme. Directed by our own Catriona Carswell, the film explores ideas of technology dependence, loneliness and the role of nature. We'll be sharing more snapshots and info in the run-up to it's release. The program is called Get Animated! BBC Introducing Arts.

Alongside a TV Broadcast, the film will also be on BBC Iplayer to view. This is an exciting new step for us, and we hope to show off more and more films on TV as we continue to grow.

Stay tuned!


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