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Meet our new Creative Assistants!

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Thank you to everyone who applied for the Kickstart roles. The applications for the roles have now closed, as we've filled the two roles.

We'd like to welcome Ky and George to the Cut the Mustard team! Both have joined a few weeks back, and after a false start due to COVID, both are in-office and beginning their journeys as Creative Assistants.

Both are really talented artists and we're excited to bring them into the fold. Take a look at some of the animation exercises they've been doing this week, to get used to the software we use.

We've also got 'Dog Bone' their first film, created to test their skills and teach how we work. See the film here (top) and across our socials, to see the film (with sound!) the two created.

We can't wait to see what they create with us, and we're extremely excited to be expanding in size!


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