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Watch our 48-hour animation, Corvus!

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Hello all!

On Friday 20th at 10 am, we began our second 48-hour lock-in. And, we're happy to announce, by 10 am two days later, we had completed the film!

Our film, called Corvus (a name we settled on very late in the game) is directed by Amy, and is a both mythological and sci-fi story, featuring a woman seeing an ominous warning from the stars and going on a grand adventure.

We created Corvus with hand-drawn techniques, a rare for our digital-only studio and ourselves these days. Our selection of guests drew a range of foliage and scenic drawings for us to collage into the film, resulting in a unique style that we couldn't have created without. What we ended up creating was a cool visual experiment, using a nice range of pinks, purples and blues to bring this alien world to life.

As for what the film is about, we're not really sure (we'd love to hear your analysis) but myth, womanhood and eyes certainly play a role. We started with a trip to the library to research history, culture, myth and sci-fi imagery, and returned (after a quick coffee) with Amy's vision down and the bones of a story.

We then went onward, creating the collage-style backgrounds and assets, as well as frequent visits from peers, friends and family to keep us going. Our music man Jake created a soundtrack through the weekend from home despite his illness.

Throughout the night, the film came together and with some colour correction, comping and sound effects the story was finished just in time! You can watch the film below!

A director's statement -

Going into this project, I wanted to create a different workflow and environment all with the idea that it would aid us in creating something we would otherwise be unable to do. Over the years, we have found a particular rhythm, which certainly isn't bad, but I have been intregued to see what would happen if we broke that cycle. Along with creating something visually different, I wanted to venture into a genre we would usually steer clear of.

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