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We're back on the Animation Industry podcast!

Hello all!

This week we're happy to announce that I'm (Liam) back on the Animation Industry Podcast (AIP). Run by Toronto-based stop motion extraordinaire Terry Ible, who's turned from the first animator I ever made a connection with back in the YouTube days, into a real friend and industry peer, despite living half way across the world.

We were previously featured on the podcast back in May of 2020 (a lifetime ago), and we've kept our promise to check in two years later (well, two and a half) to update listeners of the podcast what we're up to. The first interview has tens of the thousands of views and listens across it's multiple platforms, diving into our early days and how we formed the company.

Now we speak again, for a general update, talking about how our studio has changed as well as us as people. I dive into our company structure, our biggest challenges, and get candid about what running a company is like, once the initial sense of adventure and risk has long gone, and we now commit to the long term running of the business and making it a place that works for all of us.

You can listen to the podcast episode here -

Hopefully my general public speaking has gotten better, and the advice we give is helpful for others like us, whether running a company, freelance or just trying to progress their careers. Speak to you in two years Terry!


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