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Skull Bullies
- Animated Teaser Trailer

A short, kinetic advert for Skullbullies. A multimedia throwback game project. This is a fully rigged puppet animation, utilising cyberpunk and 80s themed aesthetics, as well as gameboy-inspired pixilation towards the end. Groovy.


These backgrounds were incredibly fun to make - taking inspiration from 80s synthwave videos and the anime series Ghost in the Shell for some of the buildings. The character designs were already settled by the clients but we had to recreate them in Illustrator so that they could be animatable - finding the right brushes and textures was key! 


Working off two established character designs, we had to appropriately work their rigs to make the skeletal movements of both Jack and Smiley come across as different and also not too rigid, despite them obviously being only made of bones.

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