Cut the Mustard make next-level 2D animation to help you tell your story, be it to sell, educate, inform or entertain. No two film we make is the same, and we pride ourselves on telling stories that stay with viewers long after watching. If you're interested in working with us, see a list of services we offer and send us a message with what you're looking for to get a quote.


A short, looping clip, good for social media or shared documents, like pitches and presentations. GIFs are under 30 seconds and are used to portray information in exciting ways.


Motion Ad - 
From 30 secs - 3 minutes, Motion Ads are a great way of advertising information-heavy products and services and get your brand identity across quickly. 


 Explainer - 
A longer style motion graphics video, Explainers are for videos with more information to convey. For product descriptions, internal training or information-heavy advertising.


Short Film - 
If you’re looking to tell a story with characters, sound/music and a message, traditional animation is a gorgeous and timeless way to do so, selling your brand and what it aims to achieve.

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