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Want to work with us?

Cut the Mustard offer a wide range of types of animation, and if you're looking to commission some, it's important to know how it works, what you're looking for, and how to best work with us to create that. 

What type of animation is right for you?


We work in two types of animation - 2D Hand-Drawn Animation, and Motion Graphics Animation, so understanding what you're looking for and which choice is best is the first hurdle, you can use our handy blog post here to work it out.

When approaching us, it's useful to come forward with an idea of some other animations you like, be they from our own portfolio, or from across the internet. These will help us work out what kind of style you're looking for, even if you don't have the strongest idea or knowledge of design. If you don't have a preference for style, let us know and we'll create something for you. We can also talk and work this out over a call or meeting. 

How much does animation cost?


We quote uniquely project-to-project, so we can't provide a straightforward quote or rates without knowledge of what you're looking for. Our quotes are based on (one) Length, (two) Complexity and (three) Style, so the more detailed, long or busy an animation is will determine it's cost. We'll also quote for any extras, like music, voiceover or sound effects, ownership of original files, or character designs or backgrounds.


How does the animation process work? 


Once we agree on a quote, you'll be given a contract and invoice, alongside your corresponding timeline for the project, breaking down each step of the process, what the plan is, and when you receive updates. Most timelines look like this (above), and you'll get a chance for feedback and changes at every major step of the way, before we lock in our progress and move onto the next step.

Of course, every project is unique, so to accommodate your film and its requirements you'll receive a unique contract and timeline breaking down everything for full confidence and transparency. 

How can you get the most out of us? 


Animation is a collaborative process, so as we bring your vision to life it's important to also understand your part in the process, as being a good client means providing clear feedback, being in frequent communication, and taking deadlines, deliverables and budgets provided into account, and how that translates into animation.


As the world is a fast-moving place, animation production is often considered slow. It's a mammoth task, turning an idea or a message into a 

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