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Animation Workshop - Feb 17th.

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Hi everyone, exciting news once again - we've collaborated with the Site Collective, fellow NUA grads and Norwich creatives, for a workshop for their 'Integrate' week.

The week is hosted online and features a number of online workshops and activities designed to get the community involved with the arts, learning new skills, and bringing opportunity to Norwich-based artists to share their knowledge.

We'll be putting on a workshop as an introduction to animation, with workshops on character design and storyboarding, taking the very basis of an idea and turning it into a short story. The workshop is on the 17th, and you'll be able to see our own final comic and animation sample the same day via our Instagram. The workshop is really chill, relaxing and can be done at your own pace. We're extremely excited to run this project, to engage with Site and the community, and to show the work Cat, Amy and yours truly did for this workshop.

And keep an eye out for CTM's socials. We've got lots of really exciting things in the works!


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