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Cut the Mustard x We're Not Really Strangers

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

A new film! One of our shorter projects, we created this really beautiful 20 second testimonial for the card game We're Not Really Strangers. WNRS is a two player card game in which you get to know someone deeper through a series of questions and activities, with each round becoming more intimate. They make plenty of variations, for couples, strangers, friends and family.

We were extremely excited to work with Koreen and the team as we're big fans of WNRS, which makes this hopefully the first of many times we get to work for companies we use and enjoy in everyday life. Hopefully it's the first of many testimonial animations also for WNRS, as this real-world story is one of many amazing stories from users of the game.

As it's not yet posted on TikTok it's silent (it'll be paired with the latest trend songs and audio), but here's an idea of the testimonial animation. It's our first vertical film (a challenge we enjoyed working with), and has a minimalist colour palette with flashes of red. We won't be hosting the video on our site with it's own page (due to it's short length) but we'll be posting it on socials and hosting it here.

If you happen to come across our video on their social media be sure to gives it a like and keep an eye out for more social media content like this! Take a look below for some great design work and behind the scenes content, and the post at the top is an early style frame we really love.


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