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Cut the Mustard @ MAF 2022

This November, the Cut the Mustard team (plus freelancer George) visited Manchester Animation Festival 2022, otherwise known as MAF. After visiting Annecy festival in 2019, it's been a long time coming to go to another city, watch some films, drink and chat with other creatives from across the country and beyond.

We had a great time in the cold and rainy north exploring the city and seeing what the industry has been up to. Alongside showcases of student films from across Europe and the best short films on offer, we also went to talks about AI in animation, as well as a great talk from Animade, who were lovely and very informative.

It's always inspiring to meet others, as we had a great time at the Festivus meeting (aptly titled Northwestivus) for animation professionals and students. We also got to see Cartoon Saloon's new film, My Father's Dragon. Thanks to everyone we traded business cards with - it's always a surprise to introduce yourselves as Cut the Mustard and have someone halfway across the country already know who you are. Small world!

We also got the chance to pitch some bigger projects to a number of animation veterans. It was our first time pitching and it went better than we could have hoped. Thanks especially to Robb Doherty and JP Vine for their amazing advice which really helped the presentation. Onwards and upwards!

We'll likely be back at MAF again next year - as we continue to grow we'll be sure to announce before we go, so we can organise any potential meetups of any friends, colleagues or students who want to meet and chat animation with us.

Special shoutout to some of our favourite films from the festival.

Birdsong by Michelle Cheng.

Ice Merchants by Joâo Gonzalez.

An Ostrich told me the world is fake and I think I believe it by Lachlan Pendragon.

Fall of the Ibis King by Mikai Geronimo & Josh O’Caoimh


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