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New Office!

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

We never suspected to be moving into our third office in two years, but COVID's impact on a very new Cut the Mustard meant we had to move out of our office not once, but twice, as we worked from home.

So across the city, we've been working virtually for the best part of a year, which is sometimes a blessing but most times a curse. The Pandemic has certainly opened up the WFH culture, but for us, an office has always been the goal, and now we have one to call home.

Our humble abode is at Fuel Studios in the city centre, which still places us close to Norwich's creative heart and alongside a bunch of other fun and vibrant creative teams we can't wait to meet. As you see our currently very empty box of an office, we'll be sharing our updates as we deck out the place and build a great new working environment, hopefully permanently!


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