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New Premiere - Surrey Wildlife Trust

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Commissioned by Surrey Wildlife Trust, Hedgerow Highways highlights the importance hedgerows in the mobility of wildlife and why their upkeep is so important. The film follows a small group of animals that have their lives put on hold when their roadway is cut in two by human activity, preventing them reaching their respective habitats.

Leading Cast

While accurately visualising the interior of hedgerows proved a challenge, it was a thoroughly enjoyable project for us all from initial sketches to post. When else do you get the chance to animate a hedgehog on a motorbike for work?

Initial Sketches

We thank the folks at Hedgerow Heritage for choosing us for this project and wish them all the best with their ambitious hedge laying campaign which you can read about here:

See you next time!

Liam x

Visual Development

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