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New Project - Meet you at Six

Hello all!

Today we have a new project added to our portfolio, three short films for Meet you at Six.

Meet you at Six is a beach hut for hire in our nearby seaside town of Wells-next-the-sea, availiable for dayhire in the summer. It's a great little space on a fantastic beach, and we've loved working with Barbara on not just one, but three films for the hut. See the films on our page here.

Autum -

  • For the first short (created to promote autumn availiability), we were celebrating the coming of autumn at the hut with falling leaves, sunsets and geese, showcasing the wonderful views and facilities. This one featured an awesome jazzy tune from Jake that we often get stuck in our heads.

Hibernation -

  • For this short (announcing the upcoming 'hibernation' of the hut), we combined live-action footage with hand-drawn hedgehogs, which has quickly become the de-facto animal of choice for Cut the Mustard (Seriously, they've appeared in three films now) as they cosy up at the hut.

Christmas -

  • We got to make our first true Christmas film! We loved working with this one, and pushed our hand-drawn shadow and lighting effects for a really nice effect in every shot, following a golden wisp as it curiously investigates the hut and the local surroundings. Plus, more music from Jake too, getting us into the festive spirit.

It's been great to work on a set of films this time, and we hope to be creating more in the near future! Stay tuned for updates.

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