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New Project - MIT Climate Rally

Hi all!

A very exciting project to share with everyone today, we're happy to showcase the short film we created for those over at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to talk about climate change, grassroots protesting, and the power people have in making significant political change for their future.

It's the longest film we've ever created and follows our protagonist Annie and her dog Gilbert as they face heatwaves and a changing world. It's a film that's very personal to us, and as we continue to make films about positive social causes (something of a pattern for us), the stories we tell become bigger and more important, which is not only fantastic for business but very satisfying on a personal level for all of us to tell these stories.

The students at MIT created a report centered around barriers to making effective change to climate policy, and used this film in tandem with a web portal to help members of the public organise action and contact the right people to see change in their home towns across the US and beyond.

Sound on! This one features a full cast, original music from our very own Jake, and an awsome graident colour palette that literally heats up as time goes on.

We really enjoyed working on this one, and can't wait to showcase more work to you in the coming weeks and months. For some juicy behind-the-scenes details, see our webpage here!

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