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New Project - Norwich Research Park!

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Hi everyone, we've got a new project to show off today - Norwich Research Park: Creating a Sustainable future.

We really loved working with this style and for such a great message. We've worked with quite a few scientific companies now, and continue to enjoy working with them and learning in the process. This film was all about the fantastic green and sustainable work the various labs and companies at NRP do, and we couldn't be happier helping show off work that actively helps the planet. Following on from Goodwings last year, animating for sustainability is very empowering for us, and something we'd love to do more of, especially as Cut the Mustard manages to run a pretty sustainable business model, and we're a team of all vegetarians.

One of the biggest challenges with this film was that it's a silent one. As the film will be playing at various events on loop, it needed to be easily understandable without sound, so we utilised a text-to-speech system to take a voiceover and time out each step to be easily readable, and matched with the best visuals for the moment. Boiling down complicated science for the appropriate audience and the length of the video is always hard, but with the built in subtitles and the colourful but simple visuals, we really like the look, feel and general tone.

We hope to work with Norwich Research Park and their associates again. Thanks to Farrel for being a great project manager from NRP, and we hope you enjoy the film! As always, you can see some behind the scenes images and a rundown of the film on it's page on our website. Be sure to check out Norwich Research Park and what they do too!


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