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Check out our Animated idents!

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Watch our new Cut the Mustard idents here! Our creative assistants George and Ky have created short animated sequences, designing, animating and sound mixing short stories with only one requirement - to end on the words 'cut the mustard' (of course).

Quickdraw - (by George)

  • Two cowboys prepare to face off in the desert.

Chase - (by Ky)

  • A man runs from a mysterious stalker.

We think both are really great films, made with unique styles, and we're proud of the world's George and Ky have created for their films! Cut the Mustard is always excited to share new works, especially with new visual styles, and they'll be four more Idents hopefully on the way, as all of us are committed to bringing one each to life.

Stay tuned!

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