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And We're Live!

Norwich 2D Animation Company
Cut the Mustard Animation Norwich

Welcome to Cut the Mustard! This is our brand spanking new website, please have a look around to see our work so far, and what we do. We are a 2D Animation studio who make a range of work, from motion graphics explainer videos to traditional hand-drawn short films. We've been working unofficially for the last few months on a few great projects, and now it's finally time to step into the light and begin revealing what we've been up to.


Our films -

Across the next few weeks, we will be revealing some of the things we've been up to, and once a week will be premiering our first four films, accompanied with concept art, behind the scenes work and character designs, all in the run-up to the actual film. We'll be starting with Smoke, a short created by Catriona Carswell. It recently played at London's Curzon cinema in Soho, and we're excited to share it, as well as our other films, with everyone.

Alongside this, across the next few weeks we will be updating the website regularly to give behind-the-scenes looks at our older films, with information about them and concept art to show off the design and production process.


Who are we? -

Cut the Mustard is an idea long in the making. Meeting at University in 2016, a group of friends with a shared love for 2D animation sparked an idea of working together. Three years later, that dream is a reality, and now we're making films together, utilising our varied skills to make a range of unique, bold and creative work, both in motion graphics and traditional 2D. We're excited for the future, and you can keep up to date with everything we do via this blog or our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Thanks for joining us at the beginning of our journey, I hope you stick with us as we head into the great unknown.

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