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Steeple-Jacked, a 48-hour Lock-in (Featuring Wallace and Gromit)

Wallace and Gromit parody film by Cut The Mustard Animation

After a full-on weekend, Cut the Mustard presents our third 48-hour film, Wallace and Gromit: Steeple Jacked! Directed by our own Fin, Cut the Mustard dived into the world of absurdity and parody for the first time with a film that blends 2000s web animation humour with a distinctly northern spirit.

Started at 10:17 am on Jan 27th and finished at 10:16 am on the 29th.

"All I ask is that we do a Wallace and Gromit story and I get to do Wallace's voice."

Fin Geen - Director

wallace and Gromit character designs by Cut The Mustard

As always, we opened up the office so friends, family and animation peers could come by and say hi and even help out. We had lots of people lend their voices in the film (screaming and shouting crowds, most notably) as well as people draw characters for that crowd scene, making for an eclectic bunch of characters from artists and non-artists alike.

A shocked crowd background by Cut the Mustard Animation

Special shout-outs go to Jake Taylor for setting up the sound recording booth and making the high-energy score, Ollie Kremer for helping out with animation (including an unfinished shot that'll hopefully find its way back in), Alex Manders for general help behind the scenes and Nic Gordon and Benjamin Larkworthy who helped create a few backgrounds for the film.

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