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Lecturing at NUA

Yesterday Cut the Mustard spoke back at our old university, Norwich University of the Arts, where we talked about things we've learnt since graduating, and our story so far, filling in students what we've been up-to in our first six months as a business.

NUA Lecturers

We spoke alongside notable animators from all over the country, and showcased some of our newer films early pre-release which was very exciting. It's fantastic to be back at NUA, as we have some exciting collaborations with the uni lined up in the near future! Being on the other side of the lecture theatre was sure strange, and a feeling we won't forget. In the meantime we will be editing the footage of our talk into a quick summary, but we will for sure be doing more talks in the future!

Our talk was titled 'five(ish) things we learnt after graduating' and covered several topics, namely: Patience, Collaboration, Opportunity, Specialist vs Generalist and filnding work outside London. Our talk will be turned into an article for NUA's website soon, so check that one out when we share it online.

Norwich University of the Arts Animation


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