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New premiere - Vulfe Inc Teaser!

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Another week another film reveal! Presenting one of our most expansive projects yet, the teaser for Vulfe Inc.

Created as a promotional tie-in for the mysterious Project Theia Blade, Vulfe is a comedic pastiche of capitalist culture and mega corporations, with the fictional Vulfe Inc being a tech company being lead by an eccentric CEO, Maximilien Koyne. This teaser involves a celebrity-filled event to celebrate the reveal of a giant super-laser with awesomely contructive capabilities. As Max, his trusty dog and plucky assistant Tara show the world the latest Vulfe product, the public watch on with awe.

This is our most expansive project yet, and one where we've helped shape and create the world, characters and story of Vulfe with the team, as well as create the sound design for the project. It was incredibly fun to make, and what we hope to be the first of many. It's our first foray into true comedy, which is our first time for a client and outside of our founding film the Big Up. We had a lot of fun making it, so we hope you have fun watching!

You can always see the film on it's own page on our website. We've got even more summer reveals coming your way very soon, so watch this space!


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