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New Premiere - Skullbullies

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

We've got a new project to show off to you! Take a look at Skullbullies, aka Jack's Struggle, a trailer and intro for the storyline for an upcoming interactive multimedia project, including a Gameboy-like game project.

This is our first foray into full-on puppet rigged animation, and a new challenge for us. While previously we'd used puppet rigs for specific shots, here the characters were the main focus, so we found way to use the rigs in new, unique and interesting ways to keep the character animation dynamic and fluid-feeling, even though both characters move very rigidly for a reason (they're both skeletons).

We also had a great time with the Cyberpunk-style backgrounds on display in this short film. Some really fun gradient work, neon light effects and an Easter-egg-filled backgrounds.

The second half of the video features an 8-bit effect, as the characters travel into the digital world. We had a lot of fun making the colours, pixel effect and simplifying our designs down to their core essentials to work with less detail.

Bringing it all together, Jake's music takes us from a cyberpunk world to a digital one, utilising authentic sound reminiscent of the Gameboy games of the time, as well as some great character speech effects.

Watch the film below or on the website! More work on the way as usual.


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