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St. Martins Norwich x Cut the Mustard

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Hi everyone! Today we have an amazing announcement for a project involving us, a Norfolk based charity, and You! This is an exciting opportunity for everyone, so let us explain how it works.

St. Martins is a Norfolk based homelessness charity who help rough sleepers and much much more. They work with homing, education, support, care and helping people ultimately move on from whatever situation they find themselves in. A list of their services and roles in the community can be found here.

With St. Martins, we will be creating a short film about the subject of homelessness, addressing some of the misconceptions people have, as well as the correct things to do in various situations. This project directly involves you, as we will be showcasing our film making process step-by-step, giving viewers and followers of Cut the Mustard a voice in how the final film is produced. Not only will be putting out polls to get your views and opinions on homelessness, but we will also be taking viewer opinions on the film itself, from the look to the characters to the story!

This is a unique opportunity for collaboration, and probably our most unique project yet, stay tuned for more, as we begin promoting and taking opinions on our social medias.

St Martins Norwich Animation
St Martins Norwich

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