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St.Martins Premier - Wednesday 16th 7pm (donate here!)

The time is finally here! Our latest film, a charity film for St. Martins Norfolk is here and ready to go. As you've seen from our socials, this film was shaped with your help, from character designs to backgrounds to even your own faces!

You've been voting, picking and submitting on our Instagram for a while, and the film is going to be fully shown off via a livestream on the 16th at 7pm, just in time for Christmas! Not only that, but the stream will be playing across multiple socials simultaneously, and will feature exclusive content, such as behind the scenes, your voting results and a look at what we and St.Martins both do. Mark it in your calendars!

Also, the link to donate to the charity is here! Our Virgin Money link goes directly to St. Martins, and we'll be running it over the Christmas period. To reward your generosity, donations over £5 will be sent colouring booklets, and donations over £15 will be sent a print from the film! Nice.

The film will be played here once the livestream is over, so if you missed it or want to see it again, it'll be live on the Website.

Have a good Christmas everyone, enjoy the film and don't forget to donate!

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